woensdag 13 juli 2011

Tag: What's in your purse/bag?

A couple of weeks ago the lovely and funny Miki from ♥ OneChicBella ♥ tagged me. This tag is to show you what is in your purse/bag.
For this tag it's okay to do a video or make photos of your purse/bag, no cheating ;) I don't know if there are any more rules some blogs have a few questions with this tag but I did not get those. I think the rules are like the most tags/awards, thank the person who gave it to you, write a blog post about what is in your purse/bag and give this tag the other bloggers (don't know how many it varies on blogs but I say 10  ;))
I took some photos of my bag it isn't that interesting.

I have a brown leather bag it is not very big, I got it from my mom and dad a couple of years ago for my birthday. They bought it on Lanzarote (one of the Canarian Islands) It's a spanish brand I think called...... The zipper is broken and can't close anymore but I don't want a new bag, I'm attached to this one ;)

My hands are not that big so you can see the size of my bag it think it's about 25 cm.

My bag goes everywhere with me so it's a bit discolored as you can see in the midde it's darker.

Look at my cute Monchichi monkey that hangs at my bag ♥

Inside my bag: my manly wallet, my old phone (with Hello Kitty sock) and my keys. Normally my camera is inside too but I needed that one for the photos ;)

Inside my wallet my cuteeeee debit card (is that the correct word?) with my rabbit Nero on it (he died a couple of years ago and now I carry him with me all the time. I just had to share this photo with you :)

Some chewing gum and old make up and lip care products.

Some pens, a hairbrush, a lighter (I don't smoke but you never know when you might need some fire ;)) batteries (normally I have a mp3 player inside too but it wasn't there so it's probably at my mom and dads place) and a cute Hello Kitty jar with some LUSH Lemony Flutter.

Also a coin that you can put in the shopping carts instead of a real money coin.

And the final stuff: my girly pocket knife (it's pink and it's for girls, because next to a knife and scissors it also has a nailfile, nail clippers, toothpick and tweezers), some paracetamol, an extra SD memory card for my camera, a glass nailfile from Herome, some teeth floss and the key to my boyfriends place :)

Don't know where all the other stuff like tampons and sanitary stuff were I did not cheat normally they are in there ;) guess I must have used them and forget to put them in my bag again ;)

I would like to tag these 10 blogs:


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke tag! Bedankt dat je ons getagt hebt :)

  2. this was fun :-D
    i would be much surprised if you had swiss army knife instead of this girlish version ;-)

  3. Hoi Lieve Diana,

    Dank je wel voor de tag! :D Ik zal het snel posten! :D


  4. Thank you! This is a tag I like, I love to take a peak inside somebody's bag. A thing that's normally "not done".
    I wil post mine in a while.