woensdag 17 oktober 2012

My first Fall / Autumn nails of this year

Hello my sweet followers,
As you know I came back from Greece last week and I came back in a really cold Holland. And it was really Fall here. The challenge last sunday on AIS facebook was OMG it's an invasion...now the first thing that came to mind was aliens, but then I thought again and thought it was an invasion of Fall. Because there were leaves everywhere and a big pile on our driveway. So I decided to make my first Fall nails for this year :)
I broke my little pinkie in my last week of my vacation so don't mind that. I actually also am kinda proud of how my nail bed grew the last couple of years when I stopped biting, because it broke off till the flesh so shorter then this isn't possible. And I still really like this length too :)
Base Golden Rose Holographic 114. Stamped with Konad M20, M30 and M31 SN black, SN yellow, SN red, SN gold brown, SN dark orange, SN dark red, PSN apple green, PSN pop green, PSN dark purple all mixed together :)
Some may think a ladybug is more for Spring (that is true too) but you also often see them in Fall when they walk over the leaves to find shelter in the bark of the trees for the Winter time.
Here another picture of this.
And ofcourse some swacthes of this nice holographic base, it is brown but sometimes also a bit purple, don't really know how to describe this color ;)
A few post ago I already told you I don't really like Fall it makes me feel sad, this year also because of that my mom was sooooo sick last Fall. But as you know she died 2nd Christmas day, so don't know if I'll ever really like Christmas again either. But have to make the best of it. I am really a Summer girl and need the sun to be happy a bit, but I have to admit I do love all the Fall colors and the leaves changing colors.
Thanks for reading.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome stamping! I love the colors mix...
    (I also just cut my nails)

  2. Welcome back Diane, I missed all your pretty nail designs. Sorry to hear about your mom. Keep looking at all the cheerful colors this fall and you should stay cheered until Summertime rolls back around.

    I love all the pretty fall colored leaves on your nails. A brown holo, I don't think I own one like it...beautiful :)

  3. I think the colour combo is particular and nice :)

  4. I think this length is very nice on you! And I just love this mani!