dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

OPI Suede We'll Always Have Paris (with simple nail art)

Hi everyone,
I have been showing you a lot of older mani's, I planned all these since I was on holiday for a few weeks. This one is again an older one from May 2010. It is also planned but I should be back home for a few days at this moment ;)
I wasn't one of the girls who were crazy about matte polishes, but I did really liked OPI suedes. They feel soft and dry sooo quick. Too bad I only got one of them, luckily I did find some P2 polishes with the same effect a few months ago.
Base OPI Suede We'll Always Have Paris, stamped Chiina Glaze Admire and Konad S9. It's a bit of a weird photo but I just couldn't get the stamps to show.
Here a swatch of just the base. Looking at it now makes me want to wear it again :)
Thanks for reading. I promise to soon show you some holiday summer mani's, I also have some holiday mani's from 2011, 2009 and 2008 to show. That means a little bit of more Summer in Fall ;) When I come back from my Summer holiday it is always already Fall, but I often just ignore that fact.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I like this finish too! Looks very pretty on ur nails!
    Hope U have a great time on vacation :)

  2. I'm like you, don't care for matte look but these suedes are different!!! I only have two and I really wish I had more!! This one is beautiful!!

  3. Your nails are so big! I loved this mani, i really like matte polishes.

  4. Nice manicure :) Suedes are so cool.. and I was totally indifferent towards them in the beginning. But now, when they are super rare, I realised how much I like them :{