maandag 19 november 2012

Orange snowflakes for the World Cup speed ice skating

Hi Everyone,
Saturday I went to the World Cup speed ice skating in the Thialf stadion. And of course I wanted to support our country. So that means doing something orange...since orange is our national color. And red white and blue are the colors of the flag. So I chose do make orange snowflakes/ ice crystals on my nails.
 In the back ground you see the stadion. Base is a white from a LE from Essence and on top Orly Gogo (white with fine silver glitter). Stamped with one of Konad's newer stamping polishes SN orange pearl (pretty orange with lots of shimmer and part of the full nail image of BM323. I did not want it to fill my entire nail, because that was too orange ;) Added some red, white and blue dots on my ring finger.
 You can really see the shimmer in the stamping polish.
Sunday's challenge on AIS was an aspect of matte so I made them matte with my Essie matte about you topcoat.
 I am not a big matte fan, but I kinda liked this matte :)
Also some picture of our fun day at the World Cup speed ice skating.
 Warming up.
The 6 of us :) before it started. My dad, my best friend, another good friend, my sis, me and my boyfriend.
Go to the start....ready...go.
Making the ice smooth.
Family and friends in their orange outfits, the purple scarf and hats we got for free from the sponsor.
Me and my sis, with my funny hat that says "Zet 'm op" that means "Go for it/ Do your best" or something like that :)
Go Holland ;)
All 6 of us together, picture taken by the sponsors photographer for their facebook page, so we had to put the purple scrafs and hats on.
 Dave and I <3
The team pursuit...that the Dutch men won :)
We had a fun day there.

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