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Greece 2012: Caretta Caretta sea turtles

Hi everyone,
I still haven't showed all my creations from my vacation last month to Greece. So lets go back to the Summer instead of Fall and rain :) Today I'll show you my Caretta Caretta nails, I made those in my 2nd week on Zakynthos. The Caretta Caretta turles are an endangered spieces and one of the places they live and where they lay their eggs is Zakynthos. Many beaches there are protected because of all the nesting places.

This is again a post with lotsss of pictures :) From my nails with beautiful backgrounds, but also some holiday pics and pics of real Caretta Caretta's that I saw there...they are sooo sweet and big :) The local people really loved my turtle nails :) And I was joking that I could offer to make turtles on customers from touring agencies who organize turtle spotting trips...like book now a turtle trip and get turtle nail art for 5 euros or something :) ....oh wow really doing something like that in the main season will be a gold mine ;) and sooo much fun :) A girl can dream right? ;)
Let's start with a pretty blue ocean picture :) In the back you see "Turtle Island" it is called that way because it is shaped like a turtle and also the beach there is one of the nesting beaches.
The base is a lime yellow holo franken made with many polishes and Spectraflair. Stamped with Konad SN green and imageplate HB016, the bubbles are from H20. The word Caretta Caretta are self made water decals.
 The view from our balcony.
 In Zante town harbour.
Of course I had to make a matching pedi. The word Zakynthos is also a self made water decal, the turtle is from HB016 and the turtle shells are from BM313.
 Turtle island in the back..it really does look like a turtle :)
My thumb.
 A view from above.
 Enjoying the pretty blue water :)
The decals aren't that pretty anymore (had it on my nails for a week ;)) but this was during a boat trip to spot the Caretta Caretta's unfortunatelly we did not see any during this trip, so I took a pic of my hand above the gorgeous blue water.
 My turtles swimming under water ;)
Of course some swatches of my lime yellow franken. I really don't know what polishes I used but they were a lot ;)
In the sun.
Some holiday pictures.
 Dave and I with Turtle Island in the back....pfff it was soooo hot that day.
 Cooling down in the shadow with some water sitting on the rocks watching the ocean.
 Walking to a rocky beach with Turtle Island and my dad in the back ;)
 One of the many churches.
 I am on the top of the world...uhh brigde ;)
My own cave man climbing the white rocks...these were really weird and broke very easily. It looked like salt with sand or something.
 Some more turtle sand "castles" that I made haha lol :)
 From the boat, there are a lot of caves around the island.
We stoppped here for a swimming stop.
 Dave and I on the turtle trip boat.
 During sunset and the moon is rising above the mountain.
Feeding the cats and kitties on our balcony in the evening after a beach day.
Early in the morning in Agios Sostis harbour to visit Cameo Island and the Caretta Caretta that is spotted around the harbour/island every morning.
 There she is....isn't she cute? And really big about 80 cm.
 Look at those eyes <3
Having a drink with my dad (and Dave but he took the pic) at Cameo Island.
The view from Cameo Island with Turtle Island in the back.
 Enjoying my ice cold peachy ice tea.
The wooden bridge to Cameo Island, which had 2 bars one on top (where you can spot the turtles) and one at the beach on the other side. And in the main season there are lots of parties there.

Thank you al for watching/reading :) Hope you liked this post about the Caretta Caretta, the Greek island Zakynthos and a peek in my holiday pics too ;)

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  1. U had a really great vacation!! Love ur nail design a lot :)
    aweee... so sweet pictures!

  2. I loved the nail, it´s so cute! My dream is travel to Greece, just perfect!

  3. I love it! Turtles are so cute, real or nails or sand variety! :) Your pictures are gorgeous, you look like you had a fab time!

  4. awesome pictures! :) you are gorgeous! love your mani and pedi! too cute!