woensdag 28 november 2012

Christmas trees from 2008 :)

Hi everyone,

Today I have a real oldie for you haha, I made during Christmas time in 2008. I also like sharing my oldies with you, I wasn't very good in clean up back then..did not had a brush. But I don't mind sharing them. This was in me first year of stamping and I like looking at my oldies too :)

Not really sure why I took pics of my right hand?? I guess I had a broken nail on my left hand back then ;)

Base a pink pearl polish (don't know the brand any more but I suspect Catrice since I did not had many polishes back then) with a white french. Stamped with Konad M3, M12 and M35 and SN green, SN yellow, SN red, SN white and PSN chocolate brown. On my index a blue star glitter or rhinestone or something.

This was the original photo when you saw part of the Christmas tree, but I zoomed a bit so you could see the nails better.

Hope you like seeing my oldies too?


6 opmerkingen:

  1. Your real nails? :o
    your follower,
    >hey you, yeah you, check out my blog http://www.fabulosis.blogspot.be

    1. Yes my real nails,check "about me" and see them "naked" ;) I already follow your blog :)

  2. love it Diana! Always so unique!! I've missed being around. Hopefully I can be back now!