vrijdag 7 december 2012

Decorated Christmas Tree nails

Hi Everyone.
Today I'll show you my 3rd and final entry for the Nail Polish Canada Holiday challenge. I had so much fun entering all these 3 weeks, and I am very happy and honored they invited me to join :) 
This week the theme is: Trim the Tree (Holiday Decorations): lights, ornaments, tinsel, frosting, heck, even popcorn on a string if that's your thing. Let's see your nails all dolled up like a Christmas Tree!
So I decided to make my nails look like decorated Christmas trees with a green base and all kinds of cute Christmas balls, ornaments and of course my barbed wire Christmas candle lights on my ring finger :) At my parents place we have lights shaped like real candles so I really wanted to do that too and I used the barbed wire to represent the power cord..LOL. The candle shaped Christmas lights remind me of the nice Christmas days we had as a family with my mom :( 
Base a green holo franken made with a lot of polishes (too manu to mention) and Spectraflair. Stamped with Nailways' Snowwhite Christmas plate A-NW00002 (the balls, candles, present, ginger bread, tree, teddy bear, candy cane) with Konad SN blue, SN sky blue, SN white, SN yellow, SN green, SN brown, SN red. A Essence plate for the SN red ribbons. And BM323 for the barbed wire under the candles with SN black. I drew the black lines.
Another pic with different light.
It is snowing a lot here in Holland so I took a pic from our bedroom, you see our garden and view...everything is white :) The water in the ditch is a bit frozen, luckily our own little pond isn't.
Here some swatches of my green holo franken base.
I really like this green holo :)
With different light.
These aren't my favorite/prettiest nails I have ever made, but I had fun doing these :)
You can see all this weeks entries here and of course you can all vote again this week for you favorite. There is also still time to join yourself :) If you like mine you can also vote for me, by selecting my blog name D.I.A.N.A and fill in your name and email. Voting closes December 12.

The prizes are open to US and Canada only so I can't win, but I do appreciate your votes :)
Have a nice weekend everyone!
Thanks for reading.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. I love it! The green is such a nice colour as well.

  2. That green franken is to kill for - so my kind of green!!

  3. awesome! such a nice view of the snowy scenery :)

  4. Cute mani. I really love green holo!^^
    I voted your mani... ;-) xoxox

  5. cute manicure. this green is so pretty

  6. well, you have snow and decoration... it seems that you're ready for christmas :D

  7. These are so cute!!!
    Now send some of this snow over here!!! =)

  8. That's so pretty! Good luck in the competition ^_^

  9. Very cute and beautiful! I especially like the candles. They remind me of the year we used my grandparents real candles on the tree.

  10. Thank you alll for the sweet comments and votes :)
    I can't actually win since I am not in the US or Canada, but I do appreciate it :)

  11. I'm so jealous of the wintery wonderland outside your window! It's not happening here and I love snow! your mani is awesome!