donderdag 13 december 2012

The dark days before Christmas!

Hi Everyone,
Today I'll show you something I made last year in me blogging break. It were the dark days before Christmas....not knowing Christmas it self would be even darker and my mom would actually die on 2nd Christmas day :( I know most of you know she died last year and I really find it difficult to handle especially these days and that Christmas is coming closer. So I'll just distract my self with blogging, doing my nails more often ;) and entering challenges/contest for the fun :)

But for today a creation from last year :)
Base Color Club Totaly Mystery. Sponged with Konad SN white. The little houses and trees are stamped with HB33 and the tiny snowflakes come from HB23, all stamped with Konad SN white.
Here some swatches of this beautiful blue base, I got it from a friend.
Although I don't really feel like celebrating Christmas, we did buy 2 Christmas trees today, one for us and one for at my parents place. My mom really loved Christmas, so I do want to decorate our houses. I always love the lights and stuff. And maybe she is a Christmas angel watching down and she would like to see our houses decorated :)
Thanks for reading.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I actually did not know about your mom passing last Christmas... So sorry, this must be such difficult season for you... I think it's so great you decorated your parents place, indeed, if your mom is an angel she is smiling right now!!

  2. Total Mystery is a gorgeous blue, and the stamping is cute...

  3. I SO Love this manicure! Inspired by you i got a plate from (..can't remember, but it doesn't work :|). Diana... I had no idea. I think you are doing the correct and honoring your mother by celebrating this Christmas and being together with your family. I'm sure she will be happy watching you :) I suppose it will never be easy neither for you or your loved ones, but you have to keep going and honoring her will warm your hearts :) Kisses and a biggg hug!

    1. Thanks Cristina <3 where did you buy let them know it doesn't work.