donderdag 10 oktober 2013

Crime Scene (+ BM create your own swatches)

Hi Everyone,

Today a mani that was inspired by all the pretty crime scene nails I've seen lately (when the new BM set was released). I am not sure if I already told you guys that one of my sis her designs was chosen for this set, so she got a free set (she only stamps her toes and other stuff but she is a nailbiter just like I was). So I asked if I could swatch the plates for her and borrow the set for a few weeks. So I had to use some of the images now that I have this set temporarily in my possesion :) Who knows when she wants it back ;) I also used some of my still untried Nailways images :)

Base P2 Sun Love 040 Summer Rain, stamped with Konad SN wine red. Finger and shoe prints from Nailways Snowwhite A-NW00003 Traces. Blood drip from BM405 and caution tape from BM421.

And a swatch of this polish that I have for many years but never used it as a full mani (only saran wrapped with it).

I quickly tested all my sis her plates on paper. They all stamp great, the mistakes you see are my own fault ;)

All of them :)

BM401- BM407 (in case you were wondering the little coffin on BM402 is from my sis)

 BM408 - BM414

 BM415 - BM420

BM421 - BM426

Thanks for reading :)

Have a nice day.


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