maandag 28 oktober 2013

2 Halloween mani's with Nailways Halloween plate

Hi Everyone,

Today I have two mani's to show you :) I have so many images I want to use that last week I decided to make different mani's on my left and right hand :)

Let's start with my left hand.
Base a gradient with 3 holo's a light green franken, Nubar Reclaim and Color Club Revvvolution. Stamped with Konad SN black and SN dark orange (and SN yellow for the dots). Plate Nailways Darker Period- Halloween A-NW00016.

Here some pics of just the gradient.

 I really liked how this gradient turned out :)

And now my right hand, the hand I always have trouble with to photograph or hold my fingers normal haha. So these pics aren't great but you can see the mani (most of it) ;)

Base a gradient with 2 Jade holo's Hypnose and Fascinio Violeta. Stamped with Klean color metallic black (Konad SN yellow for the dots) and all images are from the Nailways Darker Period- Halloween A-NW00016 plate.

Here also some pics of the gradient base.

I had my nails like this for a few days haha. I really like Nailways plates :) They now have 16 of their own plates, divided in 4 sets see their website.

Thanks for reading!


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Yay for different manicures on each hand! ;)
    I just figured that if I did one complete manicure, I wouldn't be able to play around with Halloween nail art... Also, one on each hand is so much fun :D
    My right hand is so rebellious, fingers don't pose nicely :(

    1. Lol I know right hands have their own way, they never listen lol :)

  2. Love them both but especially the green hand!! The witches cauldron is so awesome!!

  3. COngrats on your 2nd place win at bundle monster-I'm surprised they didnt pick the winner that got the most votes-I'm shocked! But knew you'd be in the top three! I did links to your blog my last post!

    1. Thank you :) I'm soo happy would never thought to make the top 3, Was sure the madam octa nails would win cause she had the most votes and it was a nice stamped and freehand mani. But guess the judges thought differently...good for me and the other winners :)