zaterdag 10 mei 2014


Hi Everyone,

Sunday (tomorrow) it is Mother's Day. Seeing all those commercials, advertisements and interviews about moms and their kids makes me a little extra sad and teary. My mommy is an angel and with days like this I miss her even more. As most of you know she died waaay too young with Christmas 2,5 years ago :(

The nail art challenge theme in different groups this week was Mother's Day, so I made an Angel in Heaven with blue sky, white clouds and hearts. Wishing her a Happy Mother's Day in Heaven. I love doing something special for her.

Base P2 Satin Supreme 050 royal residence. Stamped the full nail clouds with Konad SN white and Moyou Artist 10 also used that plate for the Angel. The small hearts are from Moyou Mother Nature 01 and the bigger heart from FUN7, the word mom in the heart is from Moyou Biker 08. And the words "Happy Mothers Day in Heaven” are made from the titles of the Moyou plates....well that was so difficult to do pffffff. Stamped the letters on a ziplock baggy to make a stamping decal from it, so hard to line them up. Used Konad SN black, SN red, SN white and a nude color from Impala that I forgot the name of for stamping and coloring.

I did not really liked my thumb with the winged heart but I did take a picture of it.

 Used Messy Mansion MM03 for the heart, Moyou Roxy 01 for the wings and FUN12 for the word mom.

And ofcourse a swatch of the base polish.
I really liked the satin finish in this.

This mani is for all the mommies who are Angels <3

Have a nice weekend and lovely Mother's Day, give your moms an extra hug from me.


8 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm so sorry you can't celebrate Mother's Day with her anymore! This must hurt really bad. I'm sure she appreciates your efforts :)

  2. I'm very're certain that she is always close to you :)

  3. Yes, I remember. Times like this must be extra tough. This is very pretty! Love everything about it, although it makes me cry. And it reminds me how important it is to appreciate my loved ones. What a good idea to use the letters from the MoYou plates.

  4. I'm sorry about your mom!
    The mani it's incredible! :) gorgeous

    Emy :: Artemilly

  5. This is beautiful and the perfect tribute to your mama who is looking down from Heaven <3

  6. A wonderful tribute to your mom; I'm sure she loved it!