woensdag 21 mei 2014

In the Mood Ditsy with Messy Mansion lace and BPS rhinestones

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I had some money to spend on nail goodies :) And I really wanted some Messy Mansion plates. There plates are amazing and I only had one and that one was lonely haha. One of the plates I ordered was MM44 the new lace plate. Ofcourse when I got it I had to play with it :) Also the challenge last Sunday in AIS was over a pink base so lace over a pink base it is :) I also got the free rhinestone wheel from Born Pretty Store (some weeks ago if you shared the info and pic about their new rhinestone wheels, you could get a free wheel and I received it) I used some of these too, more about that wheel below.

I love mood polishes and In The Mood Ditsy was still one of my untrieds, and I thought how cool would the color changing look under the lace. They I have dark pink nail with white lace when my hands are cold and light pink when there are warm. It sure makes doing the dishes more fun :)

Well let's show you all the pictures (I took a lot cause it is so much fun to play with water and mood /thermal polishes).

First some pics of the final mani.
Base In the mood Ditsy (a mood/thermal polish that changes from darker to lighter pink). Stamped with Messy Mansion M44 and Konad SN white and added some rhinestones from BPS. Here you can see my tips are a little darker then the rest.

And a pic of my entire hand.

Playing with warm and cold water (ring finger and index are warm and pinkie and middle finger are cold).

And some more playing with water pictures before I added the rhinestones.


 Normal warm nail bed cold tips.

Pinkie and middle finger cold, ring finger and index warm.

And some swatches of this mood polish.

Warm nailbeds and cold tips

Index and ring finger cold and middle finger and pinkie warm.


This is how it look like "normal" most of the time, not completely warm nail beds but you do see a subtle gradient.

 And here my nails are warm.

And a wheel with the rest of my InTheMood polishes :)

Also a little review about the Born Pretty Store rhinestone wheel I received. When I first opened the envelop I was confused since I could not see how to open the wheel. It wasn't like the other wheels I have.

Normally you turn it until the opening is above one part of the box but as you can see there isn't an opening ;)
 So I fugured it had to be a sliding system, but it was hard to actually slide it (I did manage to slide it open though) When my boyfriend came home I gave him the wheel and asked him how do you open it haha. At first he was like what? And also looked a little strange and looked closer and said slide it but also could not get it to slide open at first. The postive thing about it is it closes really well, you don't have to be afraid it might accidently slide open .

What I don't like about this kind of wheel that when it is finally open all the little boxes are open too not just one piece. So if you knock it of your table you have a lot of picking up to do :P instead of usually only one box.
But the quality if the rhinestones are really good, sometimes when you put topcoat on it they loose their shine but that did not happen. And they stayed well on my nails only using topcoat to apply them.

So while this kind of wheel is a little unusual to me and do like the stones. And thank you BPS for sending all those people a free wheel.

Thank you all for reading/watching :)


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  1. Hello Diana!
    A very beautiful manicure! I like the detail with the rhinestones. It makes the manicure even more elegant. These thermo nail polishes are very funny. I've seen an other manicure of you where you used one of this polishes (the one that changed from pearly rose to pearly white). I haven't got one yet but I have to have at least one of them ;-) Could you please tell me where did you get those "moodpolishes"?

    1. Hi Nathalie I got mine from http://themoodpolish.com/ the brand is Inthemood. There website says they only ship to the US and Canada but I've emailed them (many years ago) and they did said they shipped worldwide. But I got them via a Dutch nailwebshop who took personal requests for polishes back then. I wanted other polishes too so that was easier for me.

  2. Wilde m zo graag was hij uit verkocht. Kijk ik vanochtend was er weer eentje snel besteld vind kant zo mooi. Had één À platte maar die stempelt niet heel geweldig. Ook naar gelijk bridal besteld verzot op kant