vrijdag 18 juli 2014

MoYou Nails review: Dinosaur nails

Hi Everyone,

Today I'll show you a mani made with MoYou Nails plates. Or should I say the "other" MoYou with the round plates, also known as OMG nails :)

These 2 plates are my first MoYou nails plates, I have to say I was happily suprised... the quailty of the plates is amazing. I really love the perfect backing, no sharp edges (they reminded me of Konad plates when I look at qualilty and that is a good thing :) ) And they stamp really well too. I had no problems at all. The full nail images are a little narrow/small, 1,8 cm by 1 cm. So the lenght is okay but 1 cm in width might be too small for many people. Luckily my nails are not so width so I could use them as a full nail stamp. But I always find other ways to use them too, like a diagonal sort of french tip stamp or a normal french tip. See pictures below. First lets show the final mani I've made with these plates.

Base is China Glaze OMG A UFO, stamped the full nails and the diagonal french with Konad moss green and MoYou 216. The dinosaurs are from MoYou 66 stamped with Konad black.

Here another picture with different lighting.

And here you can see just the full nail image. As you can see even though it is narrow it still fits my nails (maybe not my middle finger and thumb they are a little wider). You can also see how I used it as sort of a diagonal french tip stamp on the other fingers. I like using stamps in another ways to make them work :) Or use just part of an image.
 The full nail image reminded me of animal skin so I thought it went well with the dinosaurs on top.

Here also some swatches of the greenish holo base polish.

I really liked this polish it's an unique color.

MoYou nails send me 2 plates 66 and 216 (my choice) and as you know I prefer single images more then full nail images, but I thought it would be nice to show you 2 different plates from them. So I chose a plate with single images and one with full nail images (also great for layering) to have more options and show you different kind of mani's.
I also received their stamper and plastic scraper. The stamper stamps great and needed no buffing. I know many people love squishy stampers but my favorite is still the Konad double ended stamper. And this stamper reminded me of that stamper. I like a little firm stamper for good placement. For stamping full nails a more softer stamper sometimes is easier, but still I did not had any problems with it. You just have to roll the image from left to right (or the other way around ;) ) I have tried several plastic scrapers but I always still love my metal scrapers. Though for a plastic scraper this one really wasn't bad :) (maybe my favorite plastic one). But that is just all personal preferences. I guess after so many years I am just used to my metal ones despite the fact they leave small scratches on the plates. 

In the catalogue you can see all their plates and the sets they sell. It's fun to have so I can easily watch all the images. And I'v read they will release some more plates soon. Make sure to check out their facebook page too for any news/updates.

Here also a pictures of the 2 plates.

I already have a few other ideas for these plates, so expect some more mani's from me with these soon too ;) (I really love the Dachshund since my sister has one).

I don't have instagram or twitter but I thought lets share MoYou's instagram and twitter account for those of you who do have that ;)

*Even though I received these plates for a review I doesn't affect my opinion. 

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a nice weekend!


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