woensdag 25 juni 2014

Terschelling, World Cup and Oerol festival

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know I love going to Terschelling, one of the Dutch Wadden Island. I love the nature and feeling there, it always feels like home when I am there. We used to go there when we were little too. Every in June there is the Oerol festival there, this means music, theater, plays etc. There are sooo many people on the island and and it is always fun. This year we are also there and just like other years I wanted to do a Terschelling scenery but the World Cup is also now and I also always love to do something for that too....so I combined those things...

Terschelling is turning orange for the World Cup during the Oerol festival...with soccer balls all over the island and a beautiful orange sunset sky ;)

Holo base using many holo's from Golden Rose Paris, DA, Catherine Arley, Nail Nation. Self made water decals of the seagull on the pole, the seals, seagull, the lighthouse Brandaris, the flag from Terschelling, the Oerol logo, the boat. Painted the back white on some decals to make them pop. And stamped the soccer balls from Moyou Tourist 14 and Konad M49 first in white then colored them and stamped over the in black, stamped the green grass from Konad M66 and M29, and the flying seagulls are from Stampaholis ST01. Using Konad SN black, green and white.

Another picture with different light.

Also did a pedi ofcourse. Base Impala Tech with Hits Demeter (both Brazilian brands so hopefully they will bring us luck in Brazil ;)) The soccer balls from Konad M49 and self made water decals from the Terschelling flag and Oerol logo.

And my hand with my toes together. A bumped my toe while it was still wet so the ball is not round anymore haha, tried to fix it.

I usually also post some pictures of our vacation there. But I will do that in another post since I planned this post, and I haven't been on the computer since my vacation so those pictures aren't on the computer yet.

Thanks for reading.


5 opmerkingen:

  1. How talented and detailed is your designs. Sorry Diana we will be the winners this year. Kisses from Brazil

    1. Thanks. Lol Marcia you are probably right ;) Brazil always beats us ;) Beijos.

  2. ik dacht die van vorig jaar kan je niet overtreffen. Die vond ik prachtig, maar het is je weer gelukt