zondag 29 juni 2014

World Cup: The Netherlands- Mexico

Hi Everyone,

Tonight is another World Cup game for my country. We have to play against Mexico and they are good so it will be hard. But of course I had to make another mani and pedi to support my country. I love making soccer/ football nails.

Base Color Club You Got Soul-Ar (orange our national color), stamped the leg/foot and ball from Cheeky CH35, made the little flags with the stripes on Bundle Monster BM411, the Dutch wooden shoe/clog is from Moyou Tourist 15, the big ball print is from BM408, the Mexican sombrero is from BM-H24, the soccer/foot ball from Winstonia Store W103 and the World Cup name is Konad Brasil M49.

And I had to make a pedi too :)

Little and big soccer/foot ball from Winstonia Store W103 (first stamped in white then colored it with white and went over it with black) Little feet in the colors of our flag red, white and blue. (yes did my other foot on purpose different so it will stay red, white blue from left to right  ) stamped using Nailways Snowwhite- Traces and the wooden shoes (clogs) made with Moyou Tourist 15.

And a picture with both my hand and foot.

I am ready for tonights game..fingers crossed we will make it to the quarter finals :)

Thanks for reading have a nice Sunday!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Someone likes to see football - good luck, if they don't win it's not because of your perfect mani!

  2. Wow, outstanding nail art!!! I could care less about the World Cup so good luck to your country today!!! :))